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About Us

The modern Sri Lankan woman has many responsibilities, from caring for her family to meeting deadlines at work. And every woman needs a place to escape. Naturals is that place for women. Because when you look good, you feel good!

Our Story

With an aim to bring international beauty trends to Sri Lanka, We created unique styles that blend international trends with traditional charm to suit the modern Sri Lankan woman.

Over the years, Our Saloon has been a pioneer in providing customers with luxurious experience for Hair, Skin, Hands, Feet and Makeup with best-in-class products, finest amenities and professionally trained staff. With sophisticated establishments at all prime locations, tailored to meet diversified customers.

Our Achievements

In a hugely competitive space, winning an award gives us a sense of accomplishment, but more than that, it inspires us to go the extra mile for our customer, whose loyalty has helped us achieve these milestones.

We continuously strive to improve the experience of our customers through our services and these achievements only motivate us to do better.